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Jon Bon Jovi, Rock 'n' Roll's Premiere Family Man.

Before he was rock 'n' roll's poster boy for family values, Jon Bon Jovi was just another grinning heartthrob up to his hairy chest in groupies. Well, that's according to newly uncovered photos of the rocker showing him splayed out on a bed with a quartet of half-naked beauties wiggling around him.

The photos (censored version here) were snapped by photographer Ross Marino in 1985, a year before the rocker's band Bon Jovi released their breakout album 'Slippery When Wet.' Admittedly, it was staged as part of a possible effort to toughen the band's image following two lackluster albums and rising competition from more scandalous groups like Motley Crue.

But the photos didn't surface until now, with the release of 'Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi,' a tell-all book by the band's former manager, Rich Bozzett. Why? At the time the singer was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Dorothea Hurley, who became his wife four years later. Bon Jovi's sex appeal was in his big hair, smoldering looks and tight clothing. He didn't need to show off with naked chicks.

So for years he urged Bozzett to destroy the pictures, fearing they would embarrass the love of his life and conflict with his unique image in the world of rock 'n' roll as a seemingly wholesome family man.
The Bon Jovi love story began in the late 1970s at Sayreville (N.J.) War Memorial High when he fell for his classmate Dorothea Hurley. He even copied her test answers in history class.
After high school he delved into the business of rock music, making demos, working at a record studio and forming what would become Bon Jovi. It was in those early years of the band that he and Hurley split up and the rocker even briefly dated actress Diane Lane.

"I've not been a saint. I've had my lapses," Bon Jovi, now 48, has said of that time period.

Just how he won Dorothea back plays out like a Bon Jovi song (or a scene straight out of John Cusack's 'Say Anything'). According to a 2007 profile piece in Parade magazine, Bon Jovi went to her parents' house in New Jersey, stood on the front lawn and called out to her that he needed to see her. His band was getting a gold record at a show at the Meadowlands arena that night, and there was no one he wanted there more.

They tied the knot in 1989 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and have never looked back. Together they have four children, Stephanie Rose, Jesse James, Jacob and Romeo.

Bon Jovi rarely talks about his life at home, but when he does it always reads like a love letter to his wife of 21 years.

"I think people see the cliché of the Rock Star," he told Parade a few years back. "We're supposed to get married every three years, trade in, trade out -- I don't even want to dare say trade up!"

"I made a good deal the first time," he adds. "If Angelina Jolie came in today, I wouldn't trade."

In other interviews he has admitted to being "cognizant of the fact that relationships have been breaking up around us, but it hasn't made me cling to her or the other way round. And although everyone says we're about the only couple still together in the rock business, it's not really true," citing Bono and his wife Ali and Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa.


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