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Bon Jovi at The O2 Arena - 17th June 2010

This month has seen the 12 day residency at the o2 arena by the rock band Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi opened the 02 arena back in June 2007 and I was lucky to be there for that as it was a fantastic concert. Three years on Bon Jovi still don’t disappoint when it comes to live performances.

Before we go any further with review I feel I should be honest and let you know that I’m a huge fan of Bon Jovi, in fact I’ve seen them 9 times however that doesn’t mean I can’t be critical and honest about their performance , in fact fans are normally the biggest critics.

Bon Jovi always give good value for money, they play for two and half hours and have a huge back catalogue to choose from. However I had found that they had become predictable, you knew what they would open with and you even knew the covers that they would sing but this time it was very different.

They opened with a song from their new album The Circle called 'We weren't born to follow', I can’t remember them ever opening with a new song, its normally ‘lay your hands on me’ which is a really great song but it was nice to see them mix it up. There was a great mixture of old and new tracks and even some songs like ‘Love for sale’ from the New Jersey album that I have never heard live. Of course the old classics such as 'You give love a bad name' and 'Blaze of Glory' were played, you'd be pretty disappointed if they weren't.

There was of course the obligatory song by Richie while Jon nips off to get changed and everyone else goes to the toilet or to get more beers. He sang ‘Homebound Train’ another New Jersey song, ideal for Ritchie as it involves a lot of guitar playing and not much singing.

The stage design was much simpler than in previous years, I’m used to them having working lifts and blow up dolls on stage but I think a simpler approach really worked well. Some amazing screen work, with large screens splitting in to many and also turning into steps, which Jon danced on to the crowds delight.

My favourite part of the gig was the acoustic style section, where they all played together at the front of the stage, including Tico Torres who normally hides behind his drums.

We were quite close to the stage and I have to admit I have never been that close to them and I didn’t realise how cheesy Jon Bon Jovi can be, it doesn’t stop me loving them but I did cringe a few times, a bit of Dad dancing going on.

Bon Jovi may be a bit over the top and cheesy for some but nothing can beat being in that crowd all singing ‘Living on a pray’ at the top of your voice. I don’t think there will ever be a time when I won’t want to watch them.

Why should you go and see them? Quite simply they rock!


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