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This is the transcript from a chat with Bon Jovi that appeared at www.bonjovi.com on November 20th, 2001

webmaster says Bon Jovi should be showing up around 7pm for tonight's chat.

webmaster says Apparently a lot of people are having problems

loading up the chat client at the top of the page. Hang tight and

we'll have a link for you to click on to get it to work. :-)

webmaster says The band is wrapping up their work in the studio and

they should be with us shortly.

jbjlover87 from massachusetts asks "can you describe one song from the new cd?"

JON says all the songs are upbeat & optimistic

luci from argentina asks "When do you think that Bounce is gonna be released?"

JON says we're looking at september of next year (2002)

Yooper from Michigan asks "What do you feel when you first come on

stage and see thousands upon thousands of screaming fans?"

JON says I hope I don't have a hole in my pants...

Lupe from Texas asks "Jon, will you ever consider writing or

directing a movie? You'd be awesome!"

JON says i'm in the process of writing two right now...

shelley from freehold asks "if one of your children wanted to pursue

a singing career,what would be your advice to him/her?"

JON says write hits!

Laura_fi from Finland asks "What has been the most inventive banner

you ever saw (besides from "I've seen XXX number of Bon Jovi songs"?"

JON says i've seen 150 Bon Jovi shows...

Rex from San Francisco asks "is it music first or lyrics first?"

JON says it's TITLES first, then music, then lyrics


JON says 13!!!

DONNA BUTLER from ENGLAND asks "From Donna and Julia for Obie - any

advise on how we can get a job like yours, paid a fortune for doing

very little?! hahahaha"

JON says obie's already the luckiest man in the world

SiniFIN from Finland asks "Back in 80's you used the famous pizza

parlor jury. Do you think that it could perhaps work on internet, to

ask the fans' opinions about the new


JON says it would work... but not on the internet. more likely, in private.

Georgia_tsang from Holland asks "do ypu have a perfect pitch?"

JON says NO.

webmaster says If you can't see the chat room up top, please try

click here and see if that helps.

Rachael from Auckland asks "Any news on the Box set thats being

released in 2003?"

JON says yeah... we're already working on it. After the next album,

to coincide with the 20th anniversary.

MelissaJ87 from Alabama asks "Were you always a really great singer?"

Kristen from South Carolina asks "What artist(s) would you love to do

a duet with?"

JON says Leonard Cohen

stacy from missouri asks "Jon, we all know how we would feel if we

met you, but how do you feel when you meet one of your fans?"

JON says flattered, honored, thrilled to meet the fans. it's fun.



BloodOnBlood from Belgium asks "jon is richie htere with you"

JON says yeah, he sure is. he's doing a guitar overdub right now...

crash from ohio asks "Hi, Jon!! How is your work on Ally going so

far? I can't wait to see it!"

Mauro_Italy from Italy asks "Jon, what kind of music are you

listening now??some bands?"

JON says New Leonard Cohen, just bought the new Jagger, Kid Rock,

Creed and Pink (and that's just today)

Carolyn from Cardiff, UK asks "Millions of fans all over the world

have been inspired by your music and lyrics. What inspires you most?"

Rex from San Francisco asks "what's the key to writing good lyrics?"

Gloria M. in CT from Connecticut asks "JON - are you home now in Jersey??"

JON says I'm here in NJ in the studio

Cowgirl from England asks "Where were you when you first heard one of

your songs on the radio?"

JON says In my car...

giggles from kansas asks "do you like doing this sort of thing cause

the fans love it"

JON says oh, yeah... that's why I've been logging onto the site. I'm

keeping a close eye on the VH-1 voting so please vote

Rita from NJ asks "Jon, are you fearful of travel now, or do you say

"go for it"?"

JON says Go for it - i've been going everywhere I have to go

Rachael from Auckland asks "How has Sept 11 affected you?"

merim from turkey asks "What is the best lyrics you have ever heard ?"

kimbo from indianapolis asks "Since your home for thanksgiving, tell

this foods teacher from Indiana what your favorite food is this time

of year"

Bonjovita from Mexico asks "What car do you have?"


glassa from Columbia, MO asks "Do you ever get annoyed or ticked when

someone refers to Bon Jovi as "Him" or "he?""

JON says Definitely - it's a BAND!

stephanie from New Jersey asks "how do you feel after a concert?"

JON says Hopefully exhausted and excited at the same time

louloulouise from Warrington, UK asks "do you ever forget the words

when you're singing?? that must be really embarrassing!!!"

JON says I do it often...

Bonjovita from Mexico asks "What do you feel about having a lot of

fans as my age, 13 years only?"

JON says It's great - it's a whole new generation...

Cowgirl from England asks "How do you wind down after a concert?"


mneil97 from Chicago asks "Will the new album be a continuation of

the Crush sound or do you see your self going in any new directions?"

JON says I think every record is a continuation of growth...

JJ from Australia asks "Where would you like to see the band in 10 yrs time?"

JON says Doing the same thing again...

Loella from Spain asks "How was the U2 concert the other night?"

JON says The band was very good. I'm a big fan.

Georgia_tsang from Holland asks "why do you put all the songs down

semitones during gigs? Is it a technical problem?"

JON says Yes... i'm not as young as I used to be!

Aline from Paris France asks "Will all the songs in the new album be

written by Bon Jovi members or are there other writers/composers

involved ?"

JON says There will be some with and some without...

Lupe from Texas asks "How many hours do you guys spend in the studio each day?"

JON says Minimum of 12...

Goofy from Europe asks "How do you feel about fans going to your house? "

JON says I don't like it.

Tammy from New Jersey asks "What do ya think about those Giants?"

JON says The secondary stinks.

PANDA1 from CANADA asks "what do your kids say when they see you on t.v?"

JON says We saw you on TV...

justjovi from UK asks "you are a very talented man, what else would

you like to do in life, apart from acting and singing"

JON says write a movie.

Mel from Germany asks "Is it strange for you that you can't go

anywhere without being recognised as Jon Bon Jovi"

JON says Nope.. it's pretty good! Pretty good work if you can get it.

Vicky from Kalamazoo, MI asks "Jon - Do you plan on doing more

political events in the future?"

JON says I'm sure that I will.

lucystarr1 from TN asks "I am a singer and take vocal lessons. What

do you do to keep your voice strong and in good shape?"

JON says Lessons. Warm-up & warm-down before & after a show.

JerseyBebe from New Jersey asks "Do you ever visit message boards and

read all the wonderful things fans say about the band and the music,

like at the one at BackstageJBJ"

rumson from NJ asks "Do you mind stopping for pictures and autographs

when you are not working?"

JON says On the road, sure, no problem.

merim from turkey asks "which actor or actress you want to take a

part in your movie?"

JON says Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Ed Norton...

Suzy from TN asks "How do you have the time to work out with your

crazy schedule?"

JON says Gotta get up at 6am.

lucas from argetina asks "Are you gonna use LOOPS, SCRATCHS, drum

loops, and other stuff in the new album"

JON says Yes...

beverly from ventura ca asks "What actor would you want to play you

in the movie of your life?"

HOTFORJON from KANSAS asks "What is wildest thing a fan has done to meet you?"

DAVE says Waited in front of my house with balloons...

ExstacyEyezz from Brooklyn, NY asks "If you could meet one person..

dead or alive.. who would it be?"


Rachael from Auckland asks "Are there any musicians you would rather

have your teeth pulled out than listen to?? ;-)"

JON says NO. I like all music.

DONNA BUTLER from ENGLAND asks "Dave - While on tour, which songs are

your favourites to play? and what songs make you work the hardest?"

JON says I like to play them all and they're all hard! Nah, they're

all easy - I know them 'cause we wrote them!

Karyn from New Jersey asks "Dave, what artist do you listen to? and

who is your biggest influence"

DAVE says I like the new TRAIN record alot. My influences are

everything I've heard.

Luscious from england asks "daveeeeeeee, which is your most fave

ballad to sing and why?"

DAVE says LET IT BE. Why? I know the words.

Alfie from Australia asks "Dave, when u retire from making music,

what is next for David?"

DAVE says shuffleboard in Miami.

Courtney from St. Louis asks "What is one word to describe youself as a band?"

DAVE says hip

runaway from greece asks "do you guys prefer playing in big stadiums

or in small bars? how's the feeling when you're onstage? greece loves


DAVE says I like to play everywhere any anywhere

DONNA BUTLER from ENGLAND asks "You guys were great at the Concert

for New York! What did you think of The Who?"

DAVE says I thought they were amazing.

leese from cleveland asks "How many rows back can you see the fans at

a concert?"

DAVE says I can see ALL the fans - they just get smaller the further

away they are

Debra from Atlanta asks "What is the weirdest item that has been

thrown up on stage?"

JON says Other than people throwing themselves up at us?

UndiscoveredSoul from Germany asks "RICHIE DO U HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE?"

RICHIE says Absolutely.

Bonjovita from Mexico asks "where were you on september 11th?"

RICHIE says At Jon's in Jersey writing new songs

Jennifer from Long Island NY asks "Could you give us some information

on the next album?"

RICHIE says Right now it's called 'Bounce' - we did 13 demos already

- we wrote 26 songs... it's cool, it's and upbeat kinda vibe

Cyndi from New Jersey asks "Richie, how is Heather?? We had to an

opportunity to meet her years ago in California and she is so nice!!!"

RICHIE says She's great. In fact, I'm leaving now to fly back to LA

to be at home with the family for Thanksgiving so that's all... folks!

BonJoviGirl from Rushville,IN asks "what's the info behind the title.

what does it mean?"

JON says 'BOUNCE' as in bouncing back - it's what Bon Jovi's always

done. Plus, the country as a whole and especially NYC is bouncing


herbjovi from Pennsylvania asks "Where are you guys at now? Are you

all together?"

JON says We're all in the studio finishing up the first demo session

for the new album... but we're all getting ready close up shop for

the holiday

always14 from Cleveland asks "No question, just wanted to wish you

all a happy Thanksgiving."

JON says Well Happy Thanksgiving right back atchya...

LuvRichie from Florida asks "So where is Tico???"

BON JOVI INFO HQ says Tico is working in the studio and unable to

participate for this chat.

Groover from Sydney asks "Jon whats ur fave holiday destination?? "

JON says A deserted beach.

brenda from Michigan asks "Are you guys doing your own typing?"

DAVE says No - you know how you can tell? what you're seeing is

legible and free of typos!

Otis from NJ asks "What CD do you have in your cd player right now?"

armynurse from canada asks "what is the best thing about touring?"

JON says That time we're actually up on stage performing

rosana from brazil asks "JON, what do you feel when you think that

there are milions of BON JOVI and JON BON JOVI fans all around the

world and to many of them you play a very important part in their

lives (like in mine) and you don't even know about them or know that

they are there? ROSANA - BRAZIL"

JON says I'm flattered. It's pretty remarkable when you think about

it to know that you've touched so many people's lives.

sirpercy from Luxembourg asks "how can i get rid of my cat who

doesn't stop jumping on my keyboard?"

DAVE says I've got a good BBQ recipe... kidding

rosie from turkey asks "What cd do you have in your cd player right now?"

mneil97 from Chicago asks "Jon as an actor would you rather play a

small part in Harry Potter or star in Row Your Boat?"

JON says As long as the script is good and it's a part I'd gain good

experience from, it doesn't matter. Sure I'd like to be in a big

blockbuster but that won't guarantee it's a good role.

annmack from cleethorpes uk asks "who is prouducing the new album and

is there a title for it yet"

JON says We're here with Luke Ebbin who worked on Crush. Right now

it's called 'Bounce'

shelby from SC asks "Will we get to see you in the recording studio

again like we did on your last record?"

JON says Obie just left here with a ton of footage so he's gonna

edit some of it so you guys can watch it in a couple weeks. The

cameras aren't on fulltime like last time

BRAZILIAN_GIRLS from BRAZIL asks "will the Bon Jovi box be released

all over the world?"

JON says yes

KeepTheFaith from Holland asks "do you remember intervieuws by how

good they were, or how bad they were..."

JON says both - some are a blur because there are so many but you

remember the really good ones and the really, really bad ones

cuda from chicago asks "u still enjoy doing what u do jon even though

ur almost 40?"

JON says I'm loving every minute of it. What's not to love?

Tammy from NS, Canada asks "If you could play a concert anywhere in

the world, where would it be?"

DAVE says Have they built a venue on the moon yet? I'd play there

Louana from The Netherlands asks "what do you like best about your fans?"

JON says Your loyalty and devotion over the years

PJ from UK asks "did you like your talk at the oxford union"

JON says I had a great time at Oxford. It's got such rich history

and the Q-n-A with the students was really interesting - they had

great questions

Boonie from Kansas asks "JON Next tuesday is my B-day and I was

wondering if I could have you say Happy B-Day to me? Thanks you so


JON says Happy Birthday baby



JON says ha!!

stephanie from New Jersey asks "Were you pleased with the Monmouth

University speech?"

JON says Absolutely - it was such a great day. I really enjoyed he whole thing

Lisa from Massachusetts asks "do yu guys watch t.v? what are your

favorite shows?"

JON says the Sopranos. and the West Wing. (and Ally)

Rebekka from Germany asks "Do you already know when you will tour again?"

JON says We're gonna tour - after the new album comes out. But

that's about all we know for sure right now

cuplik from OHIO asks "jon, what's your favorite sports?"

JON says football - go Giants

BRAZILIAN_GIRLS from BRAZIL asks "are u driking coffee Jon as usual??"

JON says double strength

Rockoholic from India asks "Jon do you miss not being a teenager?!"

JON says No. I'm like a fine wine getting better & better with

age... I just keep on getting better

AlyKry from Stanfordville NY asks "Hi, Jon..is this really you

talking. I tried going to another chat room and it was unbelieve. If

this is really Jon what was the name of the high school you graduate


JON says Sayreville War Memorial HS

Jess from Illinois asks "This isn't a question but I just really

wanted to say THANK YOU for your music!"

DAVE says You're very welcome. Isn't that nice?


JON says injection right into the vein

jbjlady from Ky asks "Jon are you and Dorothea expecting another baby?"

bojo from sydney asks "Jon how will you feel when Stephanie is ready to date."

JON says "Get thee to a nunnery!!!"

BRAZILIAN_GIRLS from BRAZIL asks "Jon how do u feel about making video?"

JON says they suck... you're not really playing.

bonjovigirl from Lake Orion, MI asks "This isn't a question, I just

wanted to say thanks 4 keeping rock n roll alive!"

JON says Well, thank you for supporting us

Sally-Jo Sambora from London asks "What was the last thing 2 have u

rolling around in stitches laughing?? let me guess, richie had

something 2 do with it?!!"


JON says Is this Matt LeBlanc?

Kim from Milwaukee, Wi asks "Jon, Thanks for taking time to speak

with us. You are our leader, our guide , our inspiration, our teacher

on life and love. You give us motivation to be better than we would

be without you. Thanks for all you do. We will always need you."

JON says Well, that's very sweet darlin'. We're gonna head out now;

it's been a long day in the studio so just a few more question and


Goofy from Europe asks "Where's Obie?"

DAVE says We locked him in the trunk of my car

JBJGal39 from New York asks "Do you ever get scared of obsessive

fans? (wink wink)"

licia from Iowa asks "Goodbye and take care! "

Krissie from germany asks "Jon, do you like using the internet for promoting?"

JON says there are good things about it.. and not so good things.

rosie from turkey asks "Once again People chose you the sexiest rock singer!"

Blondie from Dallas asks "Are you in a hurry to leave so you can watch JLo?"

DAVE says NO

NI from Colombia asks "Why do u think is the reason you are one of

the few bunch of rock bands that REALLY HAVE THEIR OWN DEVOTES FANS?"

Lisa asks "what do your fans mean to you?"

elmo from ohio asks "So, Jon are ya ticklish?"

RichieRocks from SC asks "The fans love you Jon Bon Jovi!!!!!!!!"

JON says And we love our fans. Thanks guys for the questions. We'll

keep working on the new stuff so be ready. Good night and Happy


webmaster says Thank you everyone for participating in our chat with

Bon Jovi. We had close to 11,000 questions asked in a little over an

hour! We'll be posting a transcript of the chat shortly which you'll

be able to link to from the front page of www.bonjovi.com. Thanks!

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