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AOL Chat - Bon Jovi, December 1996

OnlineHost: Your host for tonight is AOLiveMC4 ( RobertJDB ) and AOLiveMC2 (ShirleyMRS ).

OnlineHost: It's been 13 years since Bon Jovi first formed in the suburbs of their native New Jersey and released a demo single of a song called "Runaway," which, much to their surprise, got aired on local radio and led to the band signing with Mercury/PolyGram Records. Let's find out how their lives have changed in those 13 years as we welcome Bon Jovi to AOL Live!

AOLiveMC4: Bon Jovi, good evening and welcome to AOL Live!

AOLiveMC4: Richie and Dave will be our first guests tonight. How's it going guys?

BonJoviX19: It's goin' good.

AOLiveMC4: Here's our first audience question.

Question: I heard that you guys won't be touring again until 1999. Is that true? And does that include no Christmas concert next year?

BonJoviX19: Right now we're taking a little break. We're not sure when we'll be back. We're going to take a little break.

AOLiveMC4: Here's a comment from a fan.

Question: Think the concert you put on every Xmas is very generous of you. Good luck tonight! Happy holidays!

BonJoviX19: Thanks!

Question: Where did you all as a group get the lyrics to "Always?"

BonJoviX19: From Jon.

Question: How has life changed from the time you started your band to now?

BonJoviX19: Completely, just everything. You have a couple of hours?

Question: How much has your fan support meant to you over the years? You have spanned two generations of listeners now. Do you have a lot of first generation fans turning their sons and daughters on to your music?

BonJoviX19: I guess. Our fans over the years have meant everything. I think it's nice. It's a wonderful thing.

Question: If you could pick any rock artist in history to jam with, who would you pick and what song what you choose?

BonJoviX19: Richie Sambora...Better Life. Toss up better John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Lemamoon ruler of all music forms!

Question: Hi guys, wish we could be at your concert tonight. Will you ever put out a Christmas concert on video? from Cindy fan club member #17636 Wendy (future fan club member) Mary Ann.

BonJoviX19: I think they're talking about one being put out exclusively for the fan club.

Question: Hi Guys! Love your music. How do you feel about signing autographs? Is there an address fans can write to request autographs? Thanks!

BonJoviX19: Hi, it's a compliment. Write into the fan club. Check the Bon Jovi web site for the mailing address.

Question: Excuse Me -- I would like to make a request for the show! Could you play "Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer?" Please! Merry Christmas!

BonJoviX19: Maybe. Definite maybe.

Question: Jon, Richie, Dave, how are the albums coming? Tico heard you have an art gallery in Fla. where and how is it going?

BonJoviX19: Tico will be on soon to answer his question.

BonJoviX19: Dave says it's going good.

BonJoviX19: From Richie: I start my album on Jan 3. and Don Was is producing it.

Question: For Richie Sambora: What kind of Talk-Box do you use and how do you set it up to sound as good as it does live? Oh, and who is your FAVORITE guitar player? New and Old?

BonJoviX19: Well, Eric Clapton has always been a mentor of mine.

BonJoviX19: The talk box is custom made for me. It has extra power!

Question: You guys really need to produce a Christmas album. Any chance of it?

BonJoviX19: Maybe when we're 65.

Question: Where's your favorite place to play a concert?

BonJoviX19: Anywhere they set up the stage.

Question: Any idea how much your Christmas benefit raises for charity?

BonJoviX19: We raise about $800,000-$900,000 over the years.

Question: I understand Bon Jovi was asked to perform in some capacity for President Clinton. What was that about?

BonJoviX19: Jon performed for the President once on his birthday. Dave and I did a gig for him before election day.

Question: What are some individual projects that band members are working on?

BonJoviX19: David, Richie, Jon are working on individual projects. Tico is opening up an art gallery.

Question: I would like to know from each member what is your favorite song/album?

BonJoviX19: Richie: That's a tough question. I have too many favorites.

BonJoviX19: David: Lots.

Question: Guys, some of your songs were written quite a while ago. Do these lyrics still apply to your lives today?

BonJoviX19: Some do, some don't. It's like a scrap book. It provides a picture.

Question: Tico, what is your art gallery about?

BonJoviX19: It's down in Palm Beach Florida. Come on down and check it out. It's on Worth Avenue. There's a lot of works there from the past two years. Come on down and we'll give you a free Tico mug.

Question: Being that you'll all be involved in solo projects over the next couple of years, will we perhaps see group performances at benefit shows or other big events?

AOLiveMC4: Folks, regretfully, the band has to leave for the sound check.

BonJoviX19: Thanks everybody for being on line with us tonight.

AOLiveMC4: Richie, Dave and Tico, thanks for joining us!

BonJoviX19: To see live pictures of our show tonight, go to: www.polygram.com/bonjovi/bonjovi_live96.htm. Thanks again.

AOLiveMC4: Thanks to our audience members for joining us and all their questions. Goodnight!

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