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NOW MAGAZINE interview, 2004

NOW the bit where readers ask the quetions by email. Celebrity grilling Jon Bon Jovi.

Q: Can we expect a juicy autobiography in the futere?
by Kim Williamson, Eversham

A: Never! That goes back to our Mafia roots. We don't talk family business out on the streets. Although certain things would make great press, we'd prefer to keep them to ourselves.

Q: Would you ever collaborate with Britney, Christina or Pink?
by Sarah Whittingham, Reading

A: Pink - any time! I dig her, she's an incredible performer. Christina can sing her ass off and I owe her a favour, so she'd be right up there. Bottom of the list would be Britney. I've turned her down in the past. I like what she does, but she's just a little kid.

Q: Are you a fan of The Darkness?
by Claudine Broswell, Edinburgh

A: I hate them, they suck. They're trying to mimic Spinal Tap. I was given their album a while ago. The first time I played it, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had to play it again - it was just awful!

Q: What's your least favourite Bon Jovi song?
by Tessa Saunders, Woking

A: The entire 7800 Fahrenheit album is pretty bad. You have your whole life to write your first album, then two months to write your second - and we rushed it. I no longer perform any of the songs on it, it's like a blip in my career.

Q: Do you prefer singing or acting?
by Kelly Deans, Farnborough

With music you create every aspect, from writing to production, and you have total control. With movies you're the equivalent of a bass player - you do your part and then go home. In the music industry I'm Tom Cruise, but in the movie world I'm Elvis.

Q: Living in New Jersey, are you a fan of the Sopranos? Have you ever had any Mafia run-ins?
by Sarah Green, Kent

I love The Sopranos and I've had plenty of run-ins with the Mafia - thankfully all good. Back in the 80s John Gotti's (powerful NY Mafia boss) kids wanted tickets to one of our shows. Needless to say, we gave them to him.

Q: Why is it that, although he's worked with the band for years, bass player Hugh McDonald is still not an official member of Bon Jovi?
by Soo Newbold, Surrey

A: When Alec Such left the band it was hard for us to even consider filling his shoes. Hugh's the best bass player ever, but it's hard for us to let anyone get into our circle.

Q: If you could choose five people to make up the ultimate fantasy rock group, who would you pick?
by Toni Rhodes, Sheffield

A: Wow! I think Elvis and John Lennon would have to be in it. For musicians I'd have Bono on drums with Jimi Hendrix and Keith Richard playing guitar. That would be a pretty hot band!

Q: What's your favourite city?
by Sarah Hornsby, Hove

A: Dublin is always a religious experience. Every gas station attendant in Dublin is a poet and there's something about the accent and Irish attitude to life that makes it one of my favourite cities.

PRIZE question

Do you still have any of your old Spandex outfits?
by Cath Dooley, Wigan

A: Absolutely! My attic is filled with all my old Spandex, but none of it will fit me now. I've even kept stuff from the days before I signed my recording contract, right through to the crazy 80s stuff I used to wear on stage. When the plane crash comes they'll open a museum up in my attic.

Q: What CD's do you play at home?
by Tracy Smith, Kidderminster

A: A bit of everything. My wife and I are big fans of Elvis Costello and I've just bought Outkast's new album for my daughter Stephanie. Dire Straits' Making Movies is one of my favourites. The songs on that album still get me, even today!

Q: Boxers, thongs or briefs?
by Melissa Smith, Haddon

A: Commando!

Q: Who got more action with women in the 80's - you, Don Johnson or Prince?
by Chris Enti, Edmonton

A: I'd be last on that list! I don't know how Don scored, but Prince got a lot more women than I did.

Q: You and your wife were childhood sweethearts. How did you win her over?
by Taryn Smith, Crawley

A: Dorothea sat next to me in history class. She was dating a friend of mine who went off to join the navy. I stole her from him. It was the best investment I ever made.

Q: What's your biggest regret?
by Tamsin Crowther, Surrey

A: I don't have any. From an early age I decided never to be a "coulda, shouda, woulda". If I wanted to do something, I'd try it. What were the odds of being a singer in a rock band or being in the movies?

Q: How do you stay wrinkle-free? Would you ever have surgery?
by Jan Newman, London

A: I wish I could say it was something more than cigarettes and wine, but its not. I want to grow old gracefully, so I won't go under the knife. Every time I go to LA I see plastic surgery disasters - women in their eighties looking younger than the kids. It's disgusting!

Q: When you worked with Calista Flockhart on Ally McBeal did you ever see her eating?
by Jennifer Lunley, Bromley

A: I did - and she ate quite often. I haven't seen her since I left the show. She was very quiet and not very open. I didn't hate my time on the show, but it was a bit of a non-starter. It became a little redious.

Q: I've noticed tears running down your face while you perform live. Is it excitement or something more personal.
by Ingrid Silvasi, Germany

A: Oh bullshit! No one gets so close to me that they can see tears on my face. It's probably just sweat.

Q: What's your favourite tipple?
by Nicky Peters, Burnley

A: Good wine - red or white, I'm not fussy. It might be considereda bit of a woman's drink for a rock star, but I'm good for a bottle a day.

Q: If you weren't married, which celeb would you like to date?
by Simon Burton, London

A: Boy, it's a big list! Liz Hurley would be on it - she's sexy and looks like a lot of fun. Caprice is beautiful and Catherine Zeta Jones is hot.

Q: Can we expect you at the Brits this year?
by Theresa Samuels, Dublin

A: Definitely not! I was asked to host them, but it's not going to happen. Music is on the back burner this year. I've been to a couple of Brits ceremonies - it's the world's best awards show. They put booze on the table and everyone loves it.

Q: Do you have any acting roles in the pipeline?
by Angela Ward, Loftus

A: I've got one in the can already. I play a school teacher in Living The Lie, a teen killer thriller. The idea of playing a teacher in a tweed jacket with chinos and loafers appealed to me.

Q: Have you got any tattoos?
by Jane Barcal, Crawley

A: Youth inspired me to get my Superman one. I wanted to have the 'Bon Jovi New Jersey', but it looked like a Hell's Angel's patch. The artist said a biker might rip my hand off and beat me with the wet end. So I went for Superman. I've got a silly one on my other shoulder - a deer's head. There's also a dragon with a rainbow round my ankle. A long night with lots of tequila is to blame for that one.

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