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Bon Jovi Glossary

This term is usually used in the phrase "A&R representative." A&R representatives are the staff at record labels that are responsible for scouting new artists and then (to some extent) helping develop those artists after a recording contract has been signed. The phrase is left over from early in the music industry when the A&R position involved selecting both the musicians (artists) and the music (repertoire) for any given recording.

Adult contemporary format.

Documentary of Bon Jovi's NEW JERSEY world tour. Directed by Wayne Isham, it features unprecedented access to the band and shows the behind-the-scenes view of the massiveness of the New Jersey tour and the wear & tear it put on the band. The movie was released

Not amplified in any way (no electric guitars, etc.)

Going over the details of your show in advance. This can be done by phone but also may be done in person by either a tour manager or production manager.

The ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Major indoor football league in the United States. The 2004 will see the debut of the PHILADELPHIA SOUL, a team co-owned by Jon Bon Jovi.

American Federation of Television and Radio Artists; union made up of broadcast performers: announcers, deejays, newscasters.

High regarded vocal coach. Based in NYC. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora have used her expertise over the years. Continues to work with the band.

Originally the Colosseum in Rome, now any large, oval-shaped building with no roof and tiers of spectator seats. The Colosseum was used for gladiator contests, not plays, but subsequent buildings of such shape have been designed and used as theatres with arena staging. Many outdoor concert venues in the U.S. are called amphitheatres but are commonly referred to as "sheds" as well.

Album-Oriented Rock radio format. Also called Classic Rock.

Audience measurement service employing a seven-day diary to determine the number of listeners tuned to area radio stations. (It's radio's equivalent of the Nielsen ratings.)

1998 blockbuster summer movie starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler depicting a group of oil-riggers going into space to drill into the center of a massive meteor before it hits Earth, destroying it entirely. Jon Bon Jovi wrote the song ‘SAVE THE WORLD' as a ballad for the film however, the movie's producers already had their big ballad (the Diane Warren penned Aerosmith recording of "Don't Want To Miss A Thing.") So, ‘SAVE THE WORLD' ended up on the Bon Jovi album CRUSH and Jon penned a rock track for the ARMAGEDDON soundtrack. The song, called "MR. BIG TIME" is on the soundtrack and appears at the beginning of the motion picture as the asteroids are pounding an unsuspecting New York City.

Photographer. Shot color and sepia photographs of Jon Bon Jovi used for Versace ad campaign.

When albums were released on vinyl, you had Side A and Side B. When a single was released from an album, you released it on vinyl as a 45rpm single. The 45 also had a Side A and Side B. Side A was the single you were releasing. Side B was another song off the album usually. Over the years, vinyl has gone out of fashion. When cassette singles were sold, they too had Side A and Side B. Now that singles are released primarily on CDs, there is technically no B-Side… however the terminology remains. Now, any additional tracks (be they demos, live tracks, acoustic versions, unreleased material) that are included on a CD single along with the actual single being released is called a B-side.

All the records previously released by a label which are still available for sale.

The only official fan club for Bon Jovi. Though the name of the fan club mentions Jon Bon Jovi, it is a fan club for the entire group. It is run by Jon Bon Jovi's mother, "Mrs. B" and is based in New Jersey. There are more than 10,000 members from countries all over the world. Their website is www.backstagejbj.com

Actor/Friend. Co-starred with Jon Bon Jovi in the longform video for "Destination Anywhere." Jon has subsequently helped out with Kevin and his brother's band, The Bacon Brothers.

A general term that includes all necessary guitar, bass and keyboard amplifiers, drums, microphone stands and cables. (also known as EquipmenRider A legally binding agreement containing all of the necessary ingredients needed for a successful show. Items include exact details of Artists' flights, ground transportation, hotel rooms, insurance needs, backline, hospitality, production, staging etc. (also known as Contract Rider or Production Rider)

New Jersey based musician who has performed as guitarist in Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, as well as solo artist. Bobby covers guitar duty on Jon Bon Jovi solo projects and appearances, both recorded and live and often works with Jon Bon Jovi and/or Bon Jovi and/or other local NJ musicians on charity events.

After the demo is recorded and chosen to be put on an album, all of the basic elements of the track have to be laid out. Vocals, drums, bass, guitars and keyboards. In Bon Jovi's case, all the instruments are miked up and the amps are placed in isolation so that the recording is based in the full sound of the studio. Each instrument is recorded seperatley and then added to the recording in layers

A staple in the coaching world of the NFL. Baltimore native is in his 28th year of coaching in the NFL. Joined the Baltimore Colts for one year, the Detroit Lions for 2 years, the Denver Broncos for 1 year and then was on the New York Giants coaching staff under Bill Parcells for twelve years and two Super Bowl Championships. He then was named head coach of the Cleveland Browns becoming the youngest ever head coach in the history of the NFL (he was just 38.) Belichick stayed in Cleveland for five years before rejoining Parcells' coaching staff at the New England Patriots. He went with Parcells to New York to coach the New York Jets for three years, before heading back up to New England, this time as Head Coach of the Patriot, where he currently remains. Belichick's Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI and remain a dominating force in the league. Bill Belichick is one of Jon Bon Jovi's closest friends and it was Bill's career (the constant ups and downs, wins and losses and headstrong determination) that was
the inspiration for the song "Bounce" (in fact, the song is dedicated to Bill Belichick and says so in the album credits.) Belichick is at Bon Jovi shows as often as he's seen on the sidelines!

Broadcast Music Incorporated; music licensing service

Bon Jovi Management. In 1991, after parting ways with manager, Doc McGhee, Jon Bon Jovi took the reigns and created BJM, for the sole purpose of managing all things Bon Jovi. To this date, BJM handles all Bon Jovi and Jon Bon Jovi related activities.

Given name of Jon Bon Jovi. Prior to signing a record deal, he went by this spelling. Subsequent to signing with Mercury Records, he was professionally known as ‘Jon Bon Jovi.'

Professional name taken by John Bongiovi. Lead singer of Bon Jovi. Has also released two solo albums and established acting career. Born March 2, 1962 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Raised in Sayreville, NJ. Currently resides in New Jersey. Married (to Dorothea Hurley) with whom he has 3 children: Stephanie Rose, Jesse James Louis and Jacob Hurley.

Seeks and contracts employment opportunities for artist - artist pays commission. Booking agents in the world or rock'n'roll are the people whose jobs it is to book concert tours for the artists they represent. Booking agents work with the artists management and local promoters.

The BORGATA is a luxury hotel, casino and spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The state-of-the art billion dollar resort opened in 2003 and will play host to BON JOVI mid-November when the band films their DVD on location.

A stringed musical instruments of Greek descent featuring a thin, long, straight neck and a small sound-box usually is the shape of a pear. They are “Plucked” with a “Penna” or sometimes with the players finger nails. Richie Sambora was introduced to the instrument and used it during the recording of THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT.

Built in 1929, the Beaux Arts construction on Delancey Street in New York City's Lower East Side has over the years been used as a 3-story theatre, a jewelry store, shoe store, haberdashery, lighting showroom and carpet showroom before it was returned to its luster in 1997 and opened as a venue for contemporary live music performances. Bon Jovi used The Bowery Ballroom as the site of the band's performance for the "Misunderstood" videoshoot.

Musician. NY based musician who helped create off-Broadway phenomenon of STOMP. Worked as backing vocalist, percussionist on Jon Bon Jovi "Destination Anywhere" solo performances. Subsequently worked with Richie Sambora solo projects and Jon Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi charity/acoustic performances.

Keyboardist for Bon Jovi. Has already released two solo albums and is working on musical theatre projects. Born February 7, 1962. Raised in Edison, New Jersey. Currently resides in New Jersey. Married (wife's name is April) and has three children: Twins Colton Moon and Gabrielle Luna, and Tyger Lily.

A busker is a street performer… traditionally, it was a mime, a clown, a juggler. Overtime, the people you see on streetcorners and/or subway platforms performing music for change were also considered buskers. Bon Jovi took this practice to the next level… when Bon Jovi perform a casual, acoustic set in a public location, it's considered a busk. Among the most famous Bon Jovi busks were those at London's Covent Garden and Moscow's Red Square. Very proficient in the acoustic set-up, Bon Jovi will often ‘busk' for radio station appearances, small charity appearances and TV appearances.

Assigned station identification generally beginning with W east of the Mississippi and K west of the Mississippi. The official, legal name of a Radio station. For example: WABC or KOSL-FM

Sweden-based songwriter/producer. Worked with Bon Jovi on several songs on BOUNCE

Legendary hotel on West 23rd Street in New York City's Chelsea district. A NY landmark, the hotel is where many artists, writers, poets have stayed over the years. Unfortunately best known for being the location in which Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen. The hotel served as a setting for much of the storyline of Jon's solo album longform video of "Destination Anywhere" and you can see him at the hotel throughout the piece. (Ironically, the song ‘Midnight in Chelsea' was not written about the Chelsea neighborhood in New York – it was written about the Chelsea district in London.) Subsequent Bon Jovi visits to the Chelsea Hotel include the solo cover photoshoot for an Interview magazine Valentine's cover and a 2000 US magazine photoshoot with the full band.

Legendary NYC nightclub. The famous hangout frequented by music industry bigwigs and famous entertainers started out as a small neighborhood club with a devoted clientele, many of whom were musicians. As musicians came in and began to jam with fellow musicians, the club took on the status of "the" place to be and became the sight of legendary jam sessions. In 1997, the original China Club (on Broadway on the Upper West Side) closed its doors. It reopened on West 47th Street in New York's theatre district. In September 2000, Bon Jovi performed two club shows there (a matinee and an evening performance) for radio station winners. Many of the songs from that show have found their way onto the radio rebroadcasts and CD singles as live tracks.

Born in Florida of Cuban descent, Desmond Child grew to be one of the most prolific songwriters and producers working in music today. Received a degree in classical music from NYU. Wrote his first pop song at age 14. Formed the group DESMOND CHILD & ROUGE. Went on to focus on songwriting and in the 80's co-wrote with BON JOVI on ‘SLIPPERY WHEN WET' album. Has since collaborated with Bon Jovi over the year remaining part of the band's inner circle, as well as writing for KISS, RICKY MARTIN, CHER and others. He is Miami-based. He formed Deston Entertainment, his own label and oversees all aspects of many artists (including Spanish language) careers.

Contemporary Hit Radio format.

British born, Nashville-based producer who worked on Bon Jovi's THESE DAYS albums. In the 80's, he had massive success with UK pop artists like Nik Kershaw, Tracy Ullman and Musical Youth. In the 90's, his focus fell onto harder acts like Queensryche, Rush, Alice Cooper and Bon Jovi.

An exception to the copyright holder's exclusive rights of reproduction and distribution that allows anyone to record and distribute any commercially-released, non-dramatic song as long as the mechanical license rates established by copyright law are paid to the copyright owner of the song.

Translates the analog signals from the mixing board into digital signals for the computer to read and vice versa.
The copyright is the ownership of a song, which carries with it a bundle of technical legal rights. These include the right to reproduce the song (i.e., record it), to distribute the recordings, to perform the song, and to create derivative works, such as parodies, based on the original work. When a song is sold, or licensed, for use in any way, the payment, or royalty, goes to the copyright holder. There are three principle types of royalties, mechanical, performance, and synchronization.
Copyrights are often assigned by the author to a music publisher, who is then responsible for licensing the song and collecting the royalties. Under current U.S. law, a copyright endures for the life of the author (or longest-living co-author) plus 70 years.

Photographer. Shot images of Bon Jovi for album artwork on Keep The Faith. Also shot solo images of Jon Bon Jovi for his solo project, "Destination Anywhere."
Small capacity theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey that served as host for six years' worth of Bon Jovi Christmas charity concerts, as well as charity shows Jon Bon Jovi has organized for other events.

In London, England, the world famous location featuring shops, food markets, market stalls, bars, restaurants and celebrate street performers. The glass roofed Covent Garden was originally London's fruit and vegetable market now fully converted into a retail area, the Covent Garden Piazza is a popular gathering spot for Londoners and tourists. Bon Jovi brought the area to a complete standstill in 1995 when they did a free acoustic busk for fans, attracting thousands of people to the area to watch the performance during lunchtime.

Songs performed by artist(s) other than the original author. This term is most often used in one of two ways. If an artist covers a song, or plays covers, it means they are performing material written by other - usually highly popular - artists. If a songwriter gets covers, it means his original songs are being used in an artist's recording of an album. Bon Jovi ofter perform covers by other artists.

Motion picture starring Kiefer Sutherland and Woody Harrelson as cowboys who find themselves having to adjust to big city life in New York City. Bon Jovi contributed the song "GOOD GUYS DON'T ALWAYS WEAR WHITE" to the soundtrack.

Actress who sings duet of ‘Livin' On A Prayer” with Jon Bon Jovi on THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT. Best known as older sister, “Karen” on the TV series The Wonder Years. Married to THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT co-producer Pat Leonard.

Silence where sound usually should be; absence of programming. This is not a good thing.

Host of radio music program; announcer; "disk jockey."

1 - Demos are the rough versions the band records of songs they have written. Sometimes it's just the first time they are putting the song down on tape. Other times, they'll work pretty consistently on a demo. Everything is a demo, until it become a track on an album. Sometimes demos don't make an album and sometimes they do. When the band releases singles, there are often additional tracks included on the CD. Sometimes they are demos that have been previously unreleased songs that didn't make the album. Other times, they are the demos of actual songs that did make the album but are heard in a less produced form. Demos are done in a studio. 2 - A recording that demonstrates the talent and music of an artist to potentially interested parties, such as booking agents or A&R
representatives. As the cost of professional-grade recording has decreased as a result of improving technology, the production standards applied to demos have generally been raised.

A new work based on or derived from one or more pre-existing works.

Radio's primetime: 6-10 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. Literally, when people are driving TO work and driving home FROM work and are in their cars with the radio on as they're captive audiences.

Coppertop battery sold worldwide. BON JOVI featured in 2003 television commercial campaign. TV spot features Bon Jovi's live performance filmed in Dublin, Ireland during Bounce World tour.
Formerly NY, now LA, based producer who joined forces with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora for production duties on 2000's CRUSH and 2002's BOUNCE. Also has produced for band SPLENDOR

Ron Howard directed 2000 comedy starring Matthew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman and Ellen DeGeneres. Bon Jovi wrote and recorded the song "REAL LIFE" for the soundtrack. The Wayne Isham directed video for the song includes footage from the motion picture.

Actor. Starred as ‘Rabbit' in U-571 (co-starring Jon Bon Jovi.) When it came time to cast the lead male role for the "It's My Life" video, Jon suggested Wil. Wil did almost all his own stunts in the video. Wil currently stars on the NBC television series "American Dreams."

Actor/Director/Friend. Jon Bon Jovi became friends with Emilio in the mid-eighties. Visited Emilion on the set of Young Guns II and caught the acting bug. Emilio wanted to use "Wanted Dead or Alive" in Young Guns II but Jon instead wrote a new song ("Blaze of Glory," and subsequently the entire soundtrack.) Emilion did a cameo as a cowboy in the Bon Jovi video for "Thank You For Loving Me."
Canadian producer who produced Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" and "New Jersey" albums. Produced the Bon Jovi single "Real Life" for the EDTV soundtrack and was slated to produce the band's 7th studio album (which became CRUSH) but passed away suddenly at age 49 prior to work on the album getting underway. Fairbairn came from a skilled musicians' background and produced albums for others artists including Aerosmith, AC/DC, The Cranberries, INXS, Van Halen and Loverboy.

Songwriter/Artist/Friend. Billy Falcon has been a long-time friend of Jon Bon Jovi. Billy's album ‘Pretty Blue World' which spawned the hit single "Power Windows" was on Jon's JAMBCO label in 1991. They've remained friends and collaborators over the years, with Billy(based in Nashville) working on several songs with Jon and the band for the CRUSH and BOUNCE albums.

Federal Communications Commission; government regulatory body with authority over radio operations

1984 Heisman Trophy winner. Played professional football in the USFL, CFL and NFL for the New England Patriots, Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills. Currently quarterback for the San Diego Chargers, has been a longtime friend of Bon Jovi and is often
found singing along at shows alongside the stage. Son, Doug Jr, diagnosed with autism. Charity event at Jon and Dorothea's NJ home in June 1999 raised $500,000 in one night for children's autism charity.

64 audio channels are controlled out of this board. All of the mics, instruments, amps & sound get put into this board to be mixed and EQed to go out into the house PA system for all to hear.

Type of programming a station offers; arrangement of material, formula.

Number of cycles-per-second of a sine wave.
East Rutherford, New Jersey football stadium. Part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex. Home stadium for both the New York Giants and New York Jets (both NFL teams.) Bon Jovi headlined their first concert there in June 1989. In August 2001, the band returned with two sold-out shows at Giants Stadium (VH-1 aired a combo version of the concerts that same weekend.) In August 2003, Bon Jovi will again headline two sold-out shows at Giants Stadium.


Former Senator of Tennessee. Former Vice President of the United States of American. Campaigned for President on Democratic Ticket in 2002 campaign with Senator Joe Liebermann (D-CT) as his Vice President. Jon Bon Jovi was a vocal and tireless supporter of Gore's 2000 Presidential Campaign, hosting a fundraiser at his New Jersey home and going "on tour" with Gore through major swing states during the campaign. Gore remains a close friend of Bon Jovi and Bon Jovi remains devoted to Gore's positions.

Presided over by NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences,) the Grammy Awards celebrate the music industry in the United States. Bon Jovi have been nominated for several Grammy Awards. In 2001, they were nominated for Best Rock Album for CRUSH and Best Rock Performance by Duo or Group for "It's My Life." In 2003, Bon Jovi was again nominated for Best Pop Performance by Duo or Group for "Everyday." Additionally, Jon Bon Jovi was nominate

Actress. Starred in the Bon Jovi video for "Always." Went on to act in the TV series "Spin City" and in the movie "Son-In-Law", among other projects.

Highly regarded acting coach. Based in NYC. Jon Bon Jovi began taking lessons in 1991 and continues to do so.

Vacation resort located on island of Jamaica. MTV ran a contest allowing winners to fly to Jamaica and party with Bon Jovi at the Hedonism resort. MTV ran excessive footage from the holiday. It was co-hosted by buxom Brit Samantha Fox. There was much sun. There was much Red Stripe.

Supermodel. Former Wonderbra model. Currently in Louis Vuitton campaign. Was married to drummer Tico Torres. Since divorced.

DJ at Long Island radio station who first played the song ‘Runaway' by John Bongiovi and encouraged John Bongiovi to let him include the song on WAPP's compilation album of local talent.

Jon Bon Jovi's high-school sweetheart, the couple met in history class where he claims she let him cheat off her test. Together since their senior year, they married in Las Vegas in 1989.

Without vocals

Super video director. Associated with Bon Jovi since he helmed the camera for ‘You Give Love A Bad Name.' To date has directed more Bon Jovi videos than any other director. Bon Jovi worked with Isham in 2000 on all three videos from the CRUSH album. Wayne has also directed videos for bands Metallica, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, Britney Spears and Ricky Martin.

Bon Jovi is currently on the Island label, which is part of the Island/Def Jam Music Group, which falls under the Universal Music Group umbrella in the US. In the UK, Bon Jovi is on the Mercury label, which falls under the Univeral Music Group umbrella. In other territories, the band is just part of the Universal Music Group. Universal bought out the band's former umbrella label, Polygram which was home of Mercury Records, the label John Bongiovi signed to in 1083. Though the names, executives and locations have changed over the years, Bon Jovi have remained on the same label for the full 20 years of their career.

Record label started by Jon Bon Jovi, under Mercury umbrella in late 80's. JAMBCO was abbreviation for John, Anthony, Matt Bongiovi Company. Albums by Aldo Nova ("Blood on The Bricks") and Billy Falcon ("Pretty Blue World") were released on JAMBCO. Now defunct.

Artist/legend/friend. Elton John is one of rock ‘n' roll's living legends and a close friend of Jon Bon Jovi. Elton worked on Jon's solo album, "Blaze of Glory" and Jon lent his vocals to the song "LEVON" on the Bernie Taupin/Elton John tribute album TWO ROOMS. The two have remained friends ever since and Jon & Richie joined Elton John on-stage at an Elton John AIDS Foundation event honoring Elton. They performed "LEVON" and "THE BITCH IS BACK"
As it says on his website: "From his signature white suit and John Lennon glasses to his signature record-album credit which reads "John Kalodner : John Kalodner," he is one of a kind. The "John Kalodner : John Kalodner" credit printed on albums sums it up. He is his own one-man act when it comes to Artists & Repertoire." Kalodner is a legendary A&R man in the music business and he's been a longtime friend and associate of Bon Jovi, advising the band on aspects of their music over the years. He's worked with Genesis, Yes, Foreigner, AC/DC, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, Cher, Steve Vai and Bon Jovi. Having worked for several labels over the year, he's currently based in LA at Columbia.

Television and film studios based in Astoria, Queens, New York City where Bon Jovi filmed "MTV Presents: KEEP THE FAITH An Evening With Bon Jovi" in 1992. Over two nights, the shows were filmed for airing on MTV and eventual home video release. Built in 1920, the studio was where classic silent and early films were shot. The facility hosts the larges soundstage east of Los Angeles and has played host to "The Cosby Show" and "Sesame Street" as well as American Museum of the Moving Image & now plays host to SESAME STREET, SEX IN THE CITY & THE SOPRANOS.

Video director. Directed Bon Jovi's video for ‘Everyday'

Sam was a pentecostal preacher before he turned to standup comedy, becoming one of the loudest and most outrageous comedian working. He had a rock & roll-oriented routine that turned him from a cult favorite to a superstar before losing his life in a fatal car crash. At the height of his popularity, Kinison was performing with some of the biggest rock acts in late-'80s America, including Bon Jovi. As the friendship grew, both Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora appeared in Kinison's video for "Wild Thing" and Kinison appeared at the beginning of the Bon Jovi video for "Bad Medicine." When Bon Jovi headlined Giants Stadium for the first time in 1989, it was Sam Kinison who was the emcee.

Video director. Directed Bon Jovi's videos for ‘Misunderstood' and ‘All About Lovin' You'
Los Angeles basketball team. Part of the NBA (National Basketball Association.) Play home games at Staples Center. Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear are avid fans and often seen sitting courtside at Lakers homegamees.

Actress. Nominated for Best Actress Oscar in 2003. Dated Jon Bon Jovi in early 80's for a 3 month period.

Actor. As a young struggling actor, Matt Le Blance took a paying gig to be in a Jon Bon Jovi video ("Miracle.") It was only years later than he became a TV star on ‘FRIENDS.' Then, he made a cameo in the Bon Jovi video for "Thank You For Loving Me" – making it two videos Matt has teamed up with Jon in.

Country artist who recorded a version of Jon Bon Jovi's "BANG A DRUM." Jon Bon Jovi dueted with him on the cover version of the song and co-starred in a video for the song, directed by Jon's brother Anthony.

Co-producer of THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT (along with Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora.) Previously, Pat worked with MADONNA (as producer and co-writer) and with Elton John. Chosen to work with on THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT initially due to involvement in prior UnPlugged albums. He not only produces, he plays several instruments and arranges. Married to Olivia d'Abo.

Photographer. Shot Jon Bon Jovi in his New Jersey home for Vanity Fair in 2000.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, this recording studio was owned by Bryan Adams and his associates. Bon Jovi moved to Vancouver to record Slippery When Wet. It was so successful, they returned there to record New Jersey. And, in 1992, when they regrouped for Keep The Faith, they again returned to Vancouver for the recording process.

When equipment arrives at the venue. For Bon Jovi, load-in for the gear can be as early as 5:00am day of show. When the band is touring stadiums, the gear the band used the night prior may not arrive until load-in time but additional tour personnel might have arrived days earlier to construct the actual stage.

TV actress (Spin City, Melrose Place, Dynasty, TJ Hooker) who married Richie Sambora. They are based in Los Angeles and have one daughter, Ava Elizabeth.
Former Bon Jovi manager, Doc McGhee, had been convicted on charges of smuggling $40,000 of marijuana. He received a 5-year suspended sentence and was fined $15,000 – and he formed major community service project. Called The Make A Difference Foundation, the non-profit organization sought to raise money to fight substance abuse among young kids. There was an all-star record released (Stairway To Heaven/Highway To Hell which included, among other songs, Bon Jovi's rendition of the Thin Lizzy classic "The Boys Are Back In Town." The organization also spearheaded the Moscow Music Peace Festival to bring American rock ‘n' roll to Russia and to educate the Russian youth about the dangers of substance abuse.

In New York City, Manhatten Center Studios provides television and film studios, as well as loations for live concert performances. The elegant space has a resume as being an opera house as well a location for ballroom dancing decades ago. There are several stories within the venue. The Hammerstein Ballroom is an elegant pre-war ballroom with ornate woodwork, a hand-painted ceiling, two balconies overlooking the main room and a classical stage. The room can accommodate about 2,500. The Grand Ballroom, has a single wraparound balcony and can accommodate 1,200. Bon Jovi used the Grand Ballroom in August 2002 for rehearsal prior to the promotional appearances surrounding the release of BOUNCE. It was also the location of an intimate concert
filmed and broadcast around the world.

Area served by a broadcast facility; ADI.

Sweden-based songwriter/producer. Worked with Bon Jovi on the song "It's My Life"

Final studio process for a track and the album. Bumps from song to song are evened out, any minor sound changes are made. It's the icing on the cake. A great mastering engineer can make the album sound that much better but a bad one can ruin the sound.

Original recording from which dubs are made.

Plays bass guitar in studio for Bon Jovi projects. Plays bass on tour with Bon Jovi. Has worked with several artists in role as studio bass musician, including Bon Jovi. Hugh McDonald played bass on the demo "Runaway" which led to Jon Bon Jovi's record deal. Born December 16, 1950. Raised in Philadelphia, PA. Currently resides in New Jersey.

Former manager of Bon Jovi. McGhee Entertainment managed Bon Jovi from the first album until 1991, when Jon Bon Jovi parted ways and formed his own management firm (BJM.) Still in the business, Doc currently resides in California and is manager for legendary rock act KISS.
Authorization from a music publisher or song writer to record and distribute a song on phonorecords.

Musical that David Bryan scored. Written by Joe DiPietro Memphis is based on the life of
Dewey Phillips, the first white DJ to put black music on the radio. "I Can Love" is the instrumental version of one of the tracks from that work. Memphis opens this Fall in Boston, MA.

Process in which the basic track is leveled out. The instruments & sound levels are evened out. The track is EQed, sound effects are added and smoothed out.

Major gadget in the studio. This has 64 inputs coming into it that allow for each instrument and mic to have its own input. This allows for sound control over everything being recorded.

All of the mics, instruments & amps get put into this system where the monitor engineer mixes unique levels for each band member to listen to in their in-ear monitor. This allows each member to hear what the others are playing.

West Long Branch, New Jersey university that granted Jon Bon Jovi an Honorary Doctorate Degree in 2001. Jon gave the Commencement Address to the students at graduation ceremonies.

Designating sound transmission or recording or reproduction over a single channel

Actress/Friend. As a personal favor to her friend, Demi agreed to star as heartbroken "Janie" in the longform video ‘DESTINATION ANYWHERE' opposite Jon Bon Jovi.

Middle-of-the-Road radio format.

Radio's most listened-to daypart: 6:00-10:00 a.m.

The Moscow Music Peace Festival was held in 1989, and was an effort by the Make A Difference Foundation and rock producers and organizers in the US and USSR. Held over two days at Lenin Stadium in Moscow, it was the first festival of its kind, openly presenting Western heavy metal acts with an emphasis on international cooperation on preventing drug abuse. Gorky Park, Skid Row, Cinderella, Ozzy Osbourne, The Scorpions, Motley Crue and Bon Jovi were on the bill.

Bon Jovi's 4th album – the massively successful follow up to Slippery When Wet. Released in 1988, it continued Bon Jovi's assault on the music charts and their popularity grew exponentially. Recorded again in Vancouver, the title is taken from the band's homestate of New Jersey.

National Football League. The league for professional American Football in the United States. All the members of Bon Jovi are rabid fans of American football. In 2001, in the wake of the terrorist attack on New York City and Washington, the NFL asked Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora to kick off the one-week delayed 2001 NFL season with a special performance of "AMERICA, THE BEAUTIFUL" filmed in front of a NYC firehouse. A year later, the NFL asked BON JOVI to launch the 2002 season with a massive concert in NYC's Times Square. More than half a million fans turned out to participate… the band continued their affiliation with the NFL with a halftime performance at the opening home game of the NY Giants season on September 5, 2002, as well as a half-time performance during the Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit and a post-game performance at the SuperBowl. SuperBowl XXXVII marked the first time the NFL used the song "It's My Life" as the theme music for the Super Bowl championship. From this point on, that song will be used for every Super Bowl.

Actor. Starred in the Bon Jovi video for "Always." Years later, co-starred in U-571 with Jon Bon Jovi.
Born in Philadelphia (and raised on the same block as bassist Hugh McDonald,) Obie O'Brien first met Jon Bon Jovi when Obie was an assistant engineer and Jon was a gofer at NYC's Power Station Studios. Obie was owner of The Warehouse recording studios in Philadelphia (where Bon Jovi recorded 7800 Fahrenheit.) Over time Obie has become the band's engineer – overseeing recording studio work, live taping of performances and radio/TV broadcasts of performances.

Working title for a motion picture screenplay co-written by Jon Bon Jovi (and screenwriter Dario Scardapane) based on a story by Jon Bon Jovi. The script is about a group of wealthy couples who dabble in wife-swapping after a “key game” and the ramifications of that one wild night. Jon Bon Jovi is slated to star among the ensemble cast (tba.) Dylan Kidd (who wrote and directed the film ‘Roger Dodger') is slated to direct. The movie was purchased by Universal. No casting information, no production schedule or shoot locations have been determined as of yet.

Historical Oxford, England based university's debate club that often invites individual of prestige to address their members. Jon visited Oxford in June 2001 and addressed several hundred members of the Oxford Union, all students of the university. After a 15 minute speech, he did a Q&A with the students for another 45 minutes before inviting every single student in attendance to the Bon Jovi concert at Milton Keynes Bowl slated for the next day
Small, local free health clinic in Red Bank, NJ. Two local doctors (Drs. Parker, senior and junior) provided free health care to the working poor in the area via home visits. The Parker Family Clinic was functioning out of a trailer on a rented piece of land when Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi became involved in the project. Through a fundraising event at their NJ estate, enough money was raised to buy the lot of land and build a brick structure to house the clinic. A subsequent fundraiser at the Bon Jovi home raised money to cover

Internationally reknowned opera singer. The tenor annually hosts a charity concert in his hometown of Modena, Italy. In 1998, Jon Bon Jovi wrote a song called "Let It Rain" and dueted with Pavarotti at the concert. Jon Bon Jovi sang the verses in English, Pavarotti sang the chorus in Italian and the pair were joined by a children's choir.

Musician. NY based musician worked as drummer for Jon Bon Jovi's "Destination Anywhere" solo performances and TV appearances. Shawn is the drummer for the Saturday Night Live band.

At the height of success of Slippery When Wet, Jon Bon Jovi had gold pendants custom-designed. They had the outline shape of a Superman logo (to match his tattoo.) Inside were a double skidmark, like a "slippery when wet" traffic sign. The pendant was filled with diamonds. Jon gave these out to the band and the closest members of his inner circle. To this date, the pendants are given out, on a very selective basis to the innermost circle of people that work in the Bon Jovi organization.

New Jersey town which houses the same hospital in which Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora and David Bryan were all born.

The expansion team of the ARENA FOOTBALL LEAGUE (AFL) located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jon Bon Jovi is co-owner of the franchise. The team will launch their inaugural season on Sunday, February 8th at the Wachovia Center in Pennsylvania. The team launch in September 23 saw Jon Bon Jovi (along with co-owner Craig Spencer and team president Ron Jaworski) on a media blitz throughout Philadelphia. The name is a reference to the unique soul sound produced in Philadelphia, as well as the belief that good athletes play with their heads, great athletes also play with their heart but the exceptional athlete plays with soul.

When the band were writing and recording demos in a Sayreville, New Jersey studio, they often went around the corner to a local pizza parlor for a cheap meal. There were a group of local teens who regularly hung out at the pizza parlor. The band brought in a tape of demos to the pizza joint and played them for the group of kids. The kids told them what they thought and the band took those opinions into consideration when deciding which songs should be on the album. Songs like Never Say Goodbye were a big pizza parlor hit and ended up on the record. The name ‘pizza parlor jury' was dubbed by the media, not the band. It has stuck ever since. Anytime there is fan input and/or fans opinions are asked about songs, it's referred to as a pizza parlor jury approach. (Some of the more bitter writers who opt to do little if any proper research intentionally called this endeavor savvy marketing…. Not so, it was a one-off casual experiment that became legend.)

Roster of music for airing. Radio stations have strict lists of which songs can be played and when. Opportunity for call-in requests are during limited "all request" windows and/or need to conform to the songs the station would play anyway.

Located on West 54th Street between 10th and 11th avenues, this recording station was owned by a cousin of Jon Bon Jovi. After high school, Jon began work at The Power Station as a ‘gofer' – doing odds and ends, all sorts of errands. Often sleeping at The Power Station, he used his downtime and odd hours when the studios were empty to record demos of his own music. The location still exists and is still a recording studio however, it now goes by the name Avatar Studios. [Odd fact: the group PowerStation named itself after the studio, in which they recorded their album.]

Digital recording computer program.

Public Service Announcement; non-commercial message.
Given name of David Bryan. Credits listed as Rashbaum in first Bon Jovi album. Subsquently, he dropped the last name ‘Rashbaum' and adopted his middle name as his surname. He now goes by ‘David Bryan.'

The Recording Industry Association of America is an organization that represents the interests of the U.S. recording industry. It is currently deeply involved in the political and legal battles over digital music rights that are making regular headlines. The RIAA is also responsible for certifying album sales awards such as Gold and Platinum.

Photographer. Directed the video for Jon Bon Jovi's version of "Please Come Home For Christmas" off the A VERY SPECIAL CHRISTMAS 2 album benefiting Special Olympics. The video co-starred Jon and Cindy Crawford in steamy scenes. He also helmed the cameras for videos by Janet Jackson, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Herb Ritts became a close friend of Jon Bon Jovi over the years. Ritts photographed Jon Bon Jovi for Vanity Fair's 2000 Hollywood Issue. Herb Ritts passed away in December of 2002. Jon attended his memorial in Los Angeles in January 2003.

Traveling supervisor hired by artist to coordinate details of concert tours on behalf of the artist. Responsible for getting the artists from Point A to Point B.

Maui-based rock producer, who started out as a rock engineer. Worked on Bon Jovi albums ‘SLIPPERY WHEN WET' , ‘NEW JERSEY' and ‘KEEP THE FAITH." Has also worked with artists as diverse as METALLICA, OUR LADY PEACE, LOVERBOY, AEROSMITH, MOTLEY CRUE and TAL BACHMAN.

Clothing line started by Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres and associates. Designs for cool, hip infant and toddler-wear that was rock ‘n' roll inspired. Tico had attended an industry gathering where he noticed the parents were very hip and very well-dressed but the children were still wearing baby clothing that had none of the same style & flair. Tico and partners set out to change that. The line was launched in February 2001 with a celebrity bash at the Puck Building in NYC. The ad campaign (and labels affixed to the garments) featured black and white photos of Jon Bon Jovi, Little Steven Van Zandt and Tico Torres each holding babies in their arms.

Actress. Starred in the Bon Jovi video for "Always." Went on to become star of TV show "Felicity."
Lead guitarist of Bon Jovi. Songwriting partner for Bon Jovi. Has also released two solo albums. Born July 11, 1959 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Raised in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Currently resides in Los Angeles. Married to TV actress Heather Locklear with him he has one daughter, Ava Elizabeth.

Recording studio in Jon Bon Jovi's home. Sanctuary Sound was originally built in the basement of Jon Bon Jovi's Rumson ranch home. When Jon moved to a new home in 1999, the 8-car garage that came with the property was converted into a state of the art recording studio and christened Sanctuary Sound II. The entire CRUSH and BOUNCE albums were recorded at Sanctuary Sound II. Other artists who have used the studio include Southside Johnny, Skid Row, SR-71, Billy Falcon and Mariah Carey.

Hometown of Jon Bon Jovi. Jon was raised in a ranch home on Robin Hood Lane. The town is just off the Garden State Parkway. Jon attended Sayreville War Memorial High School. This childhood home was purchased in 1989 by MTV Networks and given away as the grand prize in a massive MTV contest. So many people called into the 1-800 to win the home, the phone systems in the tri-state area of NY/NJ/CT was temporarily affected.

Super Model. Made a special appearance in the Bon Jovi video for "Thank You For Loving Me."

Austria-born former bodybuilder who became Hollywood megastar. Personal friends with Jon Bon Jovi. Appeared as favor to friend Jon in the video for Bon Jovi's "Say It Isn't So" reviving his Terminator character (in full costume on a motorcycle) before T3 was greenlighted. Married to Maria Shriver, another close friend of Jon Bon Jovi.

SELIGER, MARK World-reknowned photographer. Shot BON JOVI for the album art seen in THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT. Previously shot the band for the THESE DAYS album and artwork.

Length of uninterrupted segment of any non-continuous gig

This is the song order for a concert that is determined before a show. Generally, the set list for any given concert will be circulated among the touring staff and crew anywhere from 1 – 3 hours prior to the band taking the stage. One copy is generated from the band dressing room and copies are made for distribution. Several copies are taped to strategic locations on the concert stage so the band members and their techs can follow the show order. There is no set rule that states the band must follow the set list exactly. Songs can be added, deleted or changed. The order can be switched around. Often times, there are a list of possible songs that the band could choose to do listed on the side. And, there are times the band will do songs that don't appear anywhere on the set list. It's considered a good blueprint but not a mandatory map of what to play.

Song written by Jon Bon Jovi during 1998 trip to songwriting retreat at castle location in French countryside. Planned title for Bon Jovi's 7th studio album. Song did not make album, and album title did not stick. However, in video for 1999's "Real Life" rom EDTV Soundtrack, posters were placed in NYC Locations touting the return of Bon Jovi and that the new album would be called Sex Sells. Those posters are hard to come by now.

Brand of Cowboy hats. Jon acquired his flexible straw cowboy hat as a birthday gift from his tour manager. Jon wore this hat often and fans wanted it… so many fans inquired about buying the hat and sales increased so, that John "Shady" Brady who owned the company renamed the hat "The Jon Bon Jovi."

Opening in 1903, the Shepherd's Bush Empire has been a prominent landmark on London's entertainment scene and has its original, opulent design and grandeur. Many artists have performed on the venue's stage when it was the location where the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test broadcasted for 40 years. In 1995, the show became a live music venue and christened this era with a performance by Soundgarden. Shepherd's Bush Empire's rock and roll diary reads like a 'who's-who' of legends with artists such as the Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Destiny's Child all gracing its magnificent stage. The Shepherd's Bush Empire has frequently hit the headlines with a series of enviable, classic concerts as the chosen venue for exclusive live shows by internationally acclaimed stars such as Elton John, David Bowie, The Who, the Rolling Stones, Oasis and Bon Jovi - the fastest selling show in the history of the Shepherd's Bush Empire with al

Shepherd's Bush Empire's rock and roll diary reads like a 'who's-who' of legends with artists such as the Radiohead, Johnny Cash, Sheryl Crow, Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Destiny's Child all gracing its magnificent stage. The Shepherd's Bush Empire has frequently hit the headlines with a series of enviable, classic concerts as the chosen venue for exclusive live shows by internationally acclaimed stars such as Elton John, David Bowie, The Who, the Rolling Stones, Oasis and Bon Jovi - the fastest selling show in the history of the Shepherd's Bush Empire with all tickets sold in a record 8 minutes of going on sale! The Bon Jovi concert was also the first show to simultaneously broadcast to twenty cinemas around Europe by satellite link and to a global audience of more than 375,000 via the Internet.

Derek was a Vice President at PolyGram Records in NYC when he signed John Bongiovi to a record deal in 1983. Also responsible for signing the acts Cinderella, Tears for Fears and Dexy's Midnight Runners over the years. Was eventually president of record labels ATCO and RoadRunner.

NJ based rock band featuring Dave "Snake" Sabo on lead guitars. Snake was a childhood friend of Jon Bon Jovi and played with Jon Snake was a childhood friend of Jon Bon Jovi and played with Jon at various radio showcase appearances before Richie Sambora signed on and became part of the group that became Bon Jovi. Skid Row had huge success in the late 80's with songs such as "18 & Life," "Youth Gone Wild" and "I'll Remember You."

Bon Jovi's 3rd album, released in 1986. This was the breakthrough album that lead to massive superstardom for the band. The album title was taken from a combination of two things: a road sign on the road from the mountains down to Vancouver, where the band was recording the album… and the visual of two semi-naked strippers dancing underneath showers, soaping themselves up at the legendary No.5 stripclub in Vancouver. The album cover was originally a busty woman in a wet t-shirt… when the artwork wasn't approved by the band, there was little time to re-do it. Jon Bon Jovi went to a photographer's studio, grabbed a black Hefty bag, sprayed it with water and wrote the words "slippery when wet" with his fingers. This is the album cover to this day.

Highly celebrated HBO television series depicting the business and personal lives of New Jersey based organized crime family and associates. The band, especially, Jon Bon Jovi, are avid fans of the series.

A computerized system for logging music sales at retail outlets and generating popularity charts for albums, songs, artists, etc. Before SoundScan was developed, charts that ranked record sales were compiled from the potentially subjective reports of radio programmers and store managers. In 1991, hit rankings were first generated from SoundScan data, and the character of the charts was changed forever. Where before the charts were dominated by contemporary but established artists, now explosive but short-lived appearances by newly released music punctuated a core of all-time bestsellers. Genres like hip-hop, country, metal, and R&B began to infiltrate the primary charts. SoundScan technology is implemented at over 17,000 music stores throughout the United States.

Special Olympics athletes who will light the cauldron to herald the start of the 2003 World Games. About Special Olympics: Special Olympics Inc. is an international organization dedicated to empowering children and adults with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition. Founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics offers individuals with intellectual disabilities free year-round training and competition in 26 Olympic-type summer and winter sports. More than 1 million athletes in 150 countries around the world currently participate in Special Olympics (there is no charge to participate in Special Olympics). The movement has launched a quality growth campaign to reach 2 million athletes worldwide by 2005.

Designating sound transmission from two sources through two channels
Born in England, David A. Stewart rocketed to fame in the 1980s as half of the synth-pop duo Eurythmics. He has since made a name for himself as a successful producer and cutting edge solo artist, entrepreneur and renaissance man. Dave worked with Jon Bon Jovi on his solo project, ‘DESTINATION ANYWHERE' and has remained friends with Jon ever since.

Former bass player for Bon Jovi. Original band member. Left band in mid-90's. Currently out of the music industry. Joined Bon Jovi on-stage for encores in Philadelphia and East Rutherford, NJ in 2001.

The classic Superman logo was tattooed onto Jon Bon Jovi's arm at the height of the success of Slippery When Wet. The logo was

one with which Jon felt an affinity – at the time the band had a number one album, number one singles and each night on tour, Jon was "flying" across the crowd. Actually, he grabbed onto a cable that flew him out onto a b-stage located on the middle of the floor from which he'd sing and acoustic number or two. The logo worked its way into the legendary SWW pendant Jon has given out to those closest to him and the band and found its way into clothing over the years as well. Jon still has the tattoo on his upper left arm. It's fading… but it's still there.

Musical which David Bryan is in the process of working on. David joined forces with Francine Pascal, author of "Sweet Valley High," the classic series of books which are translated all over the world and are now also a syndicated television series, to create a musical based on the book's characters. The show is represented on Lunar Eclipse with the piano piece, "Second Chance."

Left & Right channel. The sounds come out in four depths but sometimes it is mixed to sound that way and sometime they are really in four channels.

In charge of the Audio/PA systems making sure they are working correctly.
Everyone wants to know how Richie Sambora makes those sounds on "Livin' On A Prayer" or what Richie Sambora is doing when it looks like he's singing into a plastic tube. Well, he's using a talkbox. First made popular by Peter Frampton in the 70's, Sambora used it in the 80's and it has since become part of a signature sound associated with Bon Jovi. A talkbox is a device that produces a "talking guitar sound". Richie can produce vowel-like sounds, as well as consonants, words and/or phrases. The talkbox works on the principle of of producing sound and directing it into the mouth of the performer. The performer's lips and vocal cavities modulate and shape the sound. The resulting "talking guitar" output is then fed through a microphone and from there is amplified through the PA system (or recorded in the studio.)

Minneapolis, Minnesota based U.S. retail chain of stores. Bon Jovi' joined forces with Target in early 2003, releasing a limited edition CD, available solely through Target retail stores and Target's website. The CD consisted of five demos that didn't make the BOUNCE album plus 3 more tracks previously unreleased in the U.S. The limited run is sold out and no longer available.
The 2003 collection of Bon Jovi's greatest hits… with a twist. Originally envisioned as an acoustic album, the songs were each stripped down to their core elements, recrafted and rebuilt into entirely new version of the band's most popular recordings. Playing with new instrumentations, arrangements, tempos and wordings, the most recognizable Bon Jovi songs took on entirely new forms. The album title is a nod to the fact that while the band went into far left field and deviated from the plan (and deviated from what many might expect of the band,) the new direction felt appropriate. Thus, THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT.

Considered the "CrossRoads of The World" the intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street in New York City is commonly known as Times Square. In September 2002, Bon Jovi headlined the NFL KickOff Event with a live concert in Times Square to inaugurate the 2002 NFL Football Season. More than half a million people attended. (But this wasn't Bon Jovi's first appearance in Times Square. In 1995, as part of the MTV Video Music Awards, Bon Jovi performed "Something For The Pain" and The Beatles' "Helter Skelter" from a stage in Times Square while the rest of the award show was taking place a few blocks away at Radio City Music Hall. Additionally, Jon Bon Jovi filmed a good chunk of footage for the long-form video "Destination Anywhere" in Times Square and establishments in the Times Square vicinity.)

Drum/Percussions for Bon Jovi. Hector Samuel Torres. "Tico' is a nickname. Born and raised in New York City, originally of Cuban descent. Currently resides in Florida. Married to new wife Alejandra in September 2001.

The person who looks after the tour while it is happening. The person who organizes everything to do with the musicians and crew, the travel, the accommodation, the finance and even the show itself. The person whose miserable lot it is to take them all out there, keep them all happy and get them all back home again.

The most famous fountain in Rome, Italy. The legend say, if you toss a coin into the foundation, it will guarantee that you will one day return to Rome. Locals and tourists often toss the coins in over their shoulder. Bon Jovi filmed the video "Thank You For Loving Me" in front of the fountain.

Minimal amplification (instrument amps only.) These days, UnPlugged is a registered trademark of MTV Networks with relation to the UnPlugged TV and CD series. However, the phrase UnPlugged is generally recognized as describing an acoustic, no-frills performance of songs.
City in British Columbia, Canada to which Bon Jovi relocated during the recording of the albums Slippery When Wet, New Jersey and Keep The Faith. Living during the recording of the first album in a pricey new condominium community, the neighbors were very relieved when the group of rambunctious partying twenty-somethings left town.

Italian fashion house originally headed by Gianni Versace. Later headed by sister Donatella after Gianni's 1997 murder. Jon Bon Jovi became good friends with the family and attended fashion shows and events, performed at charity shows and posed for Versace advertising campaigns.

The Very Large Array, or VLA as it's abbreviated, is the location in the New Mexico desert that houses the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The Very Large Arrayis home to 27 radio antennas in a Y-shaped configuration. Each antenna is 25 meters (81 feet) in diameter. The data from the antennas is combined electronically to give the resolution of an antenna 36km (22 miles) across, with the sensitivity of a dish 130 meters (422 feet) in diameter. This allows scientists to listen to deep space. Bon Jovi filmed the video for EVERYDAY on this location and the photograph taken for the cover of the BOUNCE album (as well as many of the photos used in the Bounce album booklet) were taken at this location. The motion picture CONTACT also used the VLA as a primary site in the film.
Lake Success, NY based rock radio station (103.5 "The Apple") in early-80's. John Bongiovi visited the radio station and played ‘Runaway' for DJ Chip Hobart. WAPP put together a compilation album of local talent and included ‘Runaway' and began playing the song regularly. It became a radio hit in New York City, but also in other cities where WAPP had sister radio stations playing the album. With the success of ‘Runaway' at radio, record companies, some of which had declined to sign Jon Bon Jovi prior, now looked at him with interest and led to a record deal. WAPP no longer exists. 103.5 in New York is now a dance station. WAPP revolutionized radio at the time, offering the one and only ‘Commercial Free Summer' of music – no commercials. Listeners loved it. But it proved to be a format that could not survive in the business.

Photographer. Shot live images and posed images of Jon Bon Jovi for Jon's first batch of Versace advertising photos.

Built in 1923, London's Wembley Stadium is one of England's most recognizeable landmarks. The Wembley Twin Towers housed the 79,000 capacity football stadium. Not only home to legendary football matches throughout the 20th century, it hosted many rock concerts, most notably 1985's LIVE AID. Bon Jovi sold out three consecutive nights at Wembley Stadium in 1995, filming the shows for their VHS/DVD ‘LIVE FROM LONDON'. The band returned to play two more sold-out concerts in July 2000 – these shows became the last ever rock concerts at Wembley Stadium before the legendary venue was schedule for demolition.

Contributing editor to Rolling Stone magazine; rock journalist. David Wild interviewed Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora during the making of THIS LEFT FEELS RIGHT and composed the official band biography (and conducted the interview that produced the Q&A on the project.)

Sequel to the successful film, Young Guns II, this movie starred Emilio Estevez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Kiefer Sutherland, Alan Ruck, Balthazar Getty and Christian Slater. Emilio Estevez had hoped to included the song "Wanted Dead or Alive" in the movie however, friend Jon Bon Jovi visited the set of the motion picture and opted instead to write a completely new song ("Blaze of Glory') which led to Jon's first solo album, the soundtrack to the film. The song "Blaze of Glory" went on to be nominated for the Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe Awards as Best Song from a Motion Picture (it won the Golden Globe Award.) Jon Bon Jovi claims to have picked up the acting bug on the set of this film. Jon also did a cameo in the film. If you watch the movie, there is a nighttime scene where a group of prisoners in a pit escape and fight with the local law authorities. Look closely for the scene where a dirty prisoner with long hair and a fur vest steals a gun and heads towards the lawmen (this prisoner is Jon.) He is shot and the footage is a solo shot of Jon in slow-motion falling backwards at the impact of the bullet.

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