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Bon Jovi article from the Belgian P-magazine.


multifunctional but schizophrenic

quoted: "I'm the Tom Cruise of rock and the Elvis Costello of movies" Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora were in their "hometown", writing songs for the new cd "bounce", on the 11th of September, when on the other side of the river, 2 plane engines stopped turning.

but no trace of gloominess can be found on this album.

"it's an optimistic rock album" women idol, Jon Bon Jovi tells us, who won't reveal that he wants to rule the charts again.

"being on one isn't a sin, it's a virtue!"

you know their mega hits: it's my life, livin' on a prayer, keep the faith, you give love a bad name...here are some numbers: in 19 years time they sold about 100 million cds, did more then 2,000 concerts, which had about 30 million visitors.

what else do you need to know about the band members?

that guitarist, Richie Sambora, is married to the lovely actress, heather Locklear (you know from Melrose place).

that Jon Bon Jovi, earlier this year, became a father for the third time, and according to People magazine, he isn't just the most sexiest rock star in the world, but also one of 50 the most beautiful people in the world.

that David Bryan, the macho-keyboard player with completely wrong blonde poodle hair-do, is a father of a twin and in his spare time works on two Broadway musicals.

that drummer, Tico torres has Cuban blood, and for some time shared his sheets with top model, Eva Herzegovina, and now fills his days besides Bon Jovi, with painting and his own baby clothes line, rock star baby. "it gives us something to do. that's why it's fun to step away from Bon Jovi now and then." clarifies torres, with his 49 years, the eldest and wisest band member.

before you decide that the multimillionaires of Bon Jovi are a bunch of spoiled brats; know that thanks to them MTV started the unplugged sessions.

it was also Bon Jovi who declined the invitation in 1997 of the pope Johannes pabulums II. the band didn't, in comparison of bob Dylan and Andrea Bocelli, think I was such a good idea, to perform during a youth gathering in the frame of catholic congress. the reason: the heritage of Italian front man, john Francis Bongiovi, that's his real name, declared that he had a streaked catholic upbringing, and fed up with the church.


more rock n' roll? the night after our rendezvous with the band in a hotel in London, the men were craving for some fun so they painted the town red in a London strip club. a British tabloid revealed later that the band spend smiling about 16,000 euro in the V.I.P. lounge. guitarist Richie Sambora (43) only had enough when he has 16 barely-clothes wearing ladies were crawling over his lap for a lap dance.

when the band during a huge set up press conference was asked about the most outspoken rock n' roll moment in 20 years of Bon Jovi, Sambora grinned: "you don't think we're gonna tell you, do you?" that's the reporter's answer. Jon Bon Jovi added to it: "clean living, man! that's the secret to lasting so long"

a reporter wanted to know from Jon if he still feels sexy at 40? "I'm too sexy for my shirt" laughing it off. "I don't think I'm sexy, but I also think that I'm not. everything depends on how you feel. whether someone is sexy or not, has nothing to do with height or hair colour. it's the way someone acts, that can be sexy. a smile can be just a sexy. just as well as having trust in someone."
DAVID BRYAN: "what also counts is how perverted you state of mind is at that day. when you're horny, you don't need much."

question: here in London you gave an exclusive concert for 2,000 lucky people. mostly Bon Jovi plays in big stadiums. do you regret not be able to play in smaller places more?
JON BON JOVI: "no, that a misconception with people. a gig is a gig. even if it is a smaller venue, you still wanna give 100% of yourself. it doesn't matter if you're playing for 2,000 or 50,000 people. except for the last one you get more money." (laughs)

question: your fellow jersey Ian, Bruce springsteen, wrote an entire album around his feelings he felt after the 11th of September 2001. didn't you guys fell into that temptation?
BON JOVI: "no, this is not a 11th of September record, this is an optimistic rock album. this cd is and obvious step in the evolution of the band. a song like 'everyday' indicates to 9/11, but in years time it will be remembered as a very good optimistic Bon Jovi song."
RICHIE SAMBORA: "agreed, it was a tragic event, but there are 364 other days in a year. and dedicating an whole album to one day, that would be dated pretty fast, and we wanted to avoid that. 3 songs were influenced by 9/11, but we wanted to give an optimistic spin to it. that has always been Bon Jovi's trade mark and that people appreciate that, testifies the success of livin' on a prayer and keep the faith."

question: in view of that it's not accidental that songs like "undivided" and "everyday" send out a message of hope?
BON JOVI: "en the song "bounce" too. those 3 songs with 9/11 in the back of our minds. Also the title of the cd is due to that relevant. But again, this is not a 9/11 record. In "hook me up" for example we show our sympathy to the Palestinian youngsters, who make the news. And from a fight with my wife came "misunderstood"." (laugh) "because when a man thinks he's doing something right, he's actually wrong. After the taping of "Ally McBeal" was done, I went straight into the studios to record the new album. I didn't figure out that I wasn't good company at home. That led to arguments with my wife. And instead of buying her a big bunch of flowers, to ease our the fights, I wrote a song. That's the kind of bastard I am." (grin) "without 9/11 this cd would have sounded the same. Due to that it did became something else then a bunch of pop songs. I just sing what I got out of 9/11. mostly that life is valuable and has to be enjoyed at all times. That's what "everyday" is all about. And how the people of New York spontaneously united, and forgot all their differences, is what I describe in "undivided", because I was an eye witness of it all."

Question: In 2003 Bon Jovi celebrates their 20th anniversary. When did you realize that this was a career for the rest of your life?
BON JOVI: "I think that we always have known. From the first record and even before that, everybody in the band agreed that this is what we would do for as long and as far as possible. That we would still be doing this after 20 years, I wouldn't have predicted that, but didn't doubt it either. Luckily we were always productive enough to come up with new stuff. After our last album "crush", we thought that we needed to educate, the people who thought this was our first album. Therefore, the live cd, to proof that we have been around the block. Also to the fans, who were with us from day one, that album is a nice memento."
SAMBORA: "every time there's a 0 on the counter, you remember it as being special. A band who has been around for 10 years, is very rare now a days in our business. We have been around for 2 decades. But of course the Stones top that by having been around for 4 decades."

Question: Has your ambition or motivation changed over the years?
TICO TORRES: "it becomes stronger, because know we enjoy what we do. We had our period behind us. Early 90s, we were burned out. Then we functioned like machines. One tour after another. We didn't know where we were anymore. Then we stopped and analysed what we were doing, and realized we couldn't go on like that anymore. With "keep the faith" we could give it an optimistic outlook. Now we had fun again. For now there is no reason why we would stop with that." BON JOVI: "I become nostalgic about our first songs like "runaway" when I hear it on the radio. I meanly wished I didn't do those high notes on it" (smiles) "I recently heard "you give love a bad name". I enjoyed that, it felt good. You know, that song was written by a 25 year old guy. Since then I've become more aware of myself. With "it's my life" I've written my most selfish song ever. At least that's what I thought. Until people picked up on the song, and applied it to themselves. They clearly thought it was THEIR life too."
SAMBORA: "when we were 20, our life experience was limited. Now there are our children and we have tasted success. That's our school."
TORRES: "we've been together longer then with our wives. Solo projects can feed a band. Then we have something to talk about."


Question: Since your early days the music scene has changed. Does Bon Jovi still feel at home in the rock world of the heavy guys like korn, linkin park and slipknot?
TORRES: "absolutely no competition. We have our own voice, we don't follow trends. We're not gonna incorporate rap into our music. We stick to ourselves, that's why Bon Jovi is still around."
SAMBORA: "I don't feel related to those bands. It should be the other way around. If those bands cross our paths, they are always friendly and ask us questions."
TORRES: "just like we did when we met the Stones"

Question: Every new Bon Jovi album has at least one ballad to take out the lighters. What's your idea of romance?
BON JOVI: "it depends what day it is that you ask the question. For men it means something else then for women. Women look for the ideal man, men look for the ideal place." (laughter)
TORRES: (serious) "you know what romance means to me? Dreaming that I can play music for the rest of my life. I thank god that he has given us so many years."

Question: Jon, 2 songs on "bounce" indicate to your acting career. you borrowed the title "you had me from hello" from Cameron Crowe, en "open all night" refers to you guest role in ally McBeal. How high is acting on your priority list?
BON JOVI: "for me acting is just as important as the band. Unfortunately the past 10 months I haven't had time for it. But I enjoy acting. Once I wrote a whole soundtrack for a movie (young guns II in 1990) and a number of songs for other movies. I got a lot for it in return. Out of a movie or a book, I get a lot of inspiration for songs. On a plane or in hotels I look at the latest movies."

Question: Any recent favourites?
BON JOVI: "road to perdition I really like. And soldier's story (meant we were soldiers) with Mel Gibson, I just saw that on the plane."

Question: How do you look back on being in ally McBeal?
BON JOVI: "it was fun, but I wouldn't do it again. Doing TV series takes up to much of your time. I prefer movies, those have a beginning and an end. The 9 episodes I did on ally McBeal have closed that chapter. The screenwriters suggested to let me marry ally McBeal in the series, but I didn't want to. I was on the other side of the States shooting, I had a record to make, and a baby on the way. I had to go home."

Question: Which part could a director offer you now?
BON JOVI: "If someone would make a new "butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", I would offer my services. Or something along the lines of "Serpico" or "barfly". But if you only knew what lousy scripts I get send. Last week I wasted 2 hours of my life reading one of those things. At the moment nothing interesting has come my way. I could use a good script. If someone offers me the right deal, I'll grab it with both hands"

Question: You recently called yourself the tom cruise of rock. how do we interpret that?
BON JOVI: "I'm the poster boy, guaranteed money making and a universally known guy in rock n' roll. And at the same time I'm Elvis Costello of the movie world: loved by critics but ignored by the masses" (laughs) "Hey I'm a good actor, why can't I find any good scripts in my mailbox?" (laughs)

Question: Does it frustrate you?
BON JOVI: (acts frustrated and yells) "me??? Frustrated by all those crappy scripts?? No what gives you that idea? I've learned to live with it."

Bounce is being released by universal. European concerts in the summer of 2003.

translation by Myriam De Greef

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